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Chain Grate Stokers




 Parucco make moving Grate Stokers are of Chain Great design and are suitable for forced or balance draft operation. The stoker consists of an endless articulated grate driven forward at uniform rate by an electric motor through a suitable gearing: the rate being varied by the use of a variable speed motor. Coal is fed at one end of the grate, the thickness of the feed being regulated by a heavy duty refractory-lined fire door. Air for combustion passes through spaces between the grate links which are arranged to provide adequate passage of air while allowing minimum of riddlings (fine particles) to pass through the grate. The regulated layer of coal on the grate, as it enters the furnace, is heated by the radiation from the furnace gases and the ignition Arch. The process of distillation sets in the fuel bed. Hydro Carbon and other combustion gases generated by the distillation process ignites with the incoming green coal within close proximity of the fire door.


The fuel continues to burn as it moves along towards the rear end and as combustion progresses, the fuel bed becomes correspondingly thinner. At the end of the travel, ash is discharged over the end of the grate into the ash pit, as the assembly of links forming the grate surface passes over the rear roller.

Fuel :

 Parucco moving Grate Stokers are suitable for all free burning bituminous coal having a top size of 5/8″ with upto 35% through 1/8″, The stoker is capable of burning the coal efficiently, having ash content to a maximum of 35% by weight and moisture to the maximum of 10% by weight. The stoker design is based on coal having G.C.V of 5000 Kcals/Kg.



The Parucco Chain Grate Stoker are completely self supporting and can be placed on prepared Plinth/Boiler flues or a suitable fabricated support.

Commissioning :

 The client can avail the opportunity of installing and commissioning the Chain Great Stoker under the supervision of our traind personnel.


After Sales Service:

 We have trained service personnel to attend customers requirement at extra cost. We will be pleased to advice and assist on you. Maintenance instruction Manual will also be provided by us.

As our policy is one of continuous research and development, we reserve the right to amend without notice the specifications given in this document


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