PARUCCO AIR HEATER is the most improved efficient and updated design of FIVE PASS range of Air Heaters mainly for TEA INDUSTRY. This hot air generating unit is widely used extensively throughout the country in small, medium and large tea estates as a part of tea drying system. PARUCCO is also used in different overseas tea industries and besides tea it has also proved efficiency of differential use in coconut industry, sunflower drying project, rice processing, Seasum seeds etc.


PARUCCO AIR HEATER is an improved form of the basic concept of hot air generating system. Ambient air enters into the ai heater from the side top and being heated from the hot surfaces, it flows into the drying chamber being drawn by the drier’s hot air fan. Flue gasses are drawn by the induced Draught Fan through the two vertical rows of tube banks on either sides of the furnace area and casting surfaces to the chimney.



In Parucco Air Heaters ambient air passes through triple passes and flue gas passes through five passes. These multiple passing of ambient air and flue gas in this improved design with compact and planned inner surface provides excess heat in the hot air (illustration given in above diagram).





Higher thermal efficiency and hot air capacity

Better heat transfer is one of the most important factors in a hot air generating system, which has been achieved very perfectly. In addition to direct heat transfer flue gasses, before escaping into the atmosphere, passes through five passes and transfer its heat to the absorbed ambient air by heating the tubes. 100% transfer of the generated heat enhances the thermal efficiency and hot air generation capacity of the heater.

Quick and higher temperatures

Compact design, perfect alignment of parts altogether and arresting of heat loss in all respect in this improved model achieve quick and higher temperature. In addition, special insulation in the outer (MS) casing with glass wool prevents wastage of heat through the outer surface.

Fuel economy and multiple fuel provision

The main aspect, considered in this improved design in view of saving production cost, to make the machine fuel-friendly. Heat loss has been arrested in all aspect and furnace has been designed in a planned scope of complete burning of fuel and 100% heat transfer. In addition, passing of flue gas through five passes pre-heats the ambient air. The features, on the whole, provide less fuel consumption, Parucco is easily operatable with different kind of solid fuel viz: fire wood, coal, leco, briquetted waste, baggase etc. and liquid fuel viz: light distillate, heavy furnace oil and gas firing.


Optional stoking system

Besides manual stoking Parucco Air Heater can be conveniently fitted with mechanical stoking system. This helps in precise degree of control of feeding of coal for maximum heat extraction and consistent temperature. It also saves handling loss of fuel. Our PARUCCO CHAIN GRATE STOKER is most suitable for mechanical stoking and perfectly matches with our PARUCCO Air Heater


Space saving

The models are of exact dimensions of minimum required length, breath and height with proper alignment and matching of parts with each other and the design has been shaped in a calculative way which is space saving at the site of installation.

Easy Maintenance

Having no moving parts Parucco Air Heater only needs nominal maintenance of cleaning of tube banks. Provision of wide open doors, soot removal doors and inspection doors at multiple points facilitate tube cleaning, soot and ashes removal and visual checking of joints.

Hazardless and quick installation

The Heater, supplied in dismantled condition, can easily be assembled and installed without any unnecessary time loss. Generally it is installed on a firm and rigid concrete base (PCC) of P” thick on soild earth of standard strata. No excavation is required.

After sale service

In spite of guaranteed supply of no defect any exceptional case of complaint is promptly attended by our zone-wise technical teams who are mainly undertaking site inspection, installation of new heater dismantling and refitting of old heater etc. Complaints are circulated to them over telephonic / cell phone network for prompt action.




Cast Iron parts are manufactured in own foundry from special heat resistant and superior quality castings with best quality pig iron and other raw materials to ensure their withstanding capacity at high heat and temperature. Use of such graded castings also eliminates rapid detonation of castings in and around the furnace area and gives much durability assurance. Branded Pipes and plates are used for manufacturing MS parts and SS parts. Branded (GKW / TATA) nuts and bolts and washers are used. Best quality and tested asbestos packing materials, fire bricks, fire day are used as pre-assembly materials.